Wednesday, July 11, 2012

At Long Last a Side Project

It’s official, I have an active side project. What is it? A Visual Studio Plug-in to allow developer to deploy an ASP.Net website directly from SVN to a website server.

Deploying ASP.Net applications/websites to multiple server and setups is error prone because to many manual steps exist. Deploy ASP.Net from SVN aims to solve this issue by automating as many steps as possible and deploying a website in just a few clicks.

Project Description
Deploy ASP.Net from SVN is a Visual Studio Add In to allow developers to deploy as ASP.Net website from source control (initally only SVN but others may be added in the future) to a web server or web farm easily.

Project Goals
To make it easy to deploy an exact version of an ASP.Net website directly from source control.

Features will include
  • Deploy particular revision. 
  • Read deployment settings from a selected file to make deploying to development, test, stage and live servers the same process. 
  • Build a web.config file from a template. 
  • Deploy the same revision to multiple servers. 
  • Ability to exclude files in the deploy. 
  • Ability to run scripts before and after deployment. 
  • Ability to deploy code files or compiled code. 

Future Features
  • Convert the front end to WPF from winforms. 

The source code can be downloaded from github

If you feel inspired and would like to help with this project, clone the code and start coding. I’ll be more than happy to help you get things setup and merge your code back into the project.

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